Maybe you just don’t feel right. You’re probably trying to tell yourself that you aren’t really sick but you probably know, deep down, that the flu has already set in. Before you run to the store for some over-the-counter quick fix, you might think about the natural remedies for your cold that are already in your home. You might be tempted to reach right for the drugs, but using a natural health remedy is just as good an option when you’re sick. We won’t tell you to ignore your doctor but before you schedule the appointment, why not try a natural remedy for a couple of days and see if it works?

Immune System Boosters

Onions are great immune system boosters. One of the best ways to help your cold is by taking cold syrup made from honey and onions. Cut an onion up and then, after putting the pieces of the onion into a bowl and pour honey over them. Mix the onions and honey thoroughly and then leave it alone overnight. Eat one spoon full of the syrup once every three hours or so for a few days and your cold or flu should get better! It is easy to add onions to your food, something that would go a long way to helping you stay healthy.


Garlic is a famous system detoxifier. The best way to make sure it has a chance to do its job; you want to take about 500 mgs of garlic three times a day while you’re sick. A 500mg supplement gives you about the same amount of garlic as one clove. The easiest way to get the garlic you need to get better is to either take a supplement or to cook a clove of garlic into your food three times a day. You don’t have to spend a bunch of money to keep garlic on hand-it doesn’t cost a lot of money (natural garlic is cheaper than the supplemental tablets). Don’t spend more than five days taking in so much garlic. If you still show severe cold or flu symptoms after five days, call your family doctor.

Ginseng is a very important natural health ingredient. Ginseng is pretty easy to come by too–you can buy ginseng tea (both hot and iced) and it is usually easy to find in the herbal supplements section of your store.

Natural Health

To save yourself time and effort, stock up on ginseng-infused foods and drinks while you are well-that away you can boost your immune system a little bit every day and have ginseng already on hand if you start to feel sick. Drink some ginseng tea if you feel like you are starting to get a cold. The ginseng will be great for your system and the warmth of the tea can do wonders for a sore throat and clogged sinus passages. Getting better can easily be done by using the right herbal and natural health cures. Why force yourself to ingest a bunch of drugs if there are better methods of healing? Rather than reaching for pills, reach for teas, hot water and herbs. Getting lots of rest is the best way to ensure that your natural health remedies do what they are supposed to do!