Headaches are an extremely common complaint thanks to the increased stress of today’s society. You shouldn’t, however, have to consider it normal to have a throbbing in your head every day, or even once a week. If you would like to be taught how to prevent or even cure your stress headaches, keep reading! Depending on what has been causing your headaches, some of these things will probably work better than others.

The most common cause of stress headaches is failure to get enough sleep. Most people need at least seven hours of sleep every night to feel their best. If you’ve gotten much less than this amount, you’re raising your risk rate for a bunch of different problems, not the least of which is headaches.

Perhaps you can change your schedule so that you can get to bed sooner. This may mean drinking fewer caffeinated beverages or turning your TV or computer off an hour earlier. You could also try to fit a nap into your day. Even if you can’t sleep during the daytime, the act of lying down and closing your eyes for a few minutes can be quite helpful. You don’t have to wait until you have a headache to do this, either -by taking some time for relaxation every day, you may be able to prevent headaches from occurring.

One common cause of stress headaches is dehydration, so drinking more water can be the solution. You may not always realize it when you’re dehydrated, especially if you’re distracted by work or another activity. Try to remember that you don’t just want to drink more caffeinated drinks like soda or energy drinks because those can actually cause headaches. Water is your best bet and iced herbal tea and pure fruit juice will also work when you want to rehydrate yourself. Eating lots of salty food can make your dehydration worse so reducing your salt intake (and intake of junk and snack foods in general) can help too.

A great way to sooth a stress headache is to give yourself a foot bath with some hot water. You don’t need to have any fancy equipment for your foot bath; you can use a specified foot spa if you want (which can be bought both on and offline) or you can use a bucket or even your own bathtub. This is a great treatment to use in the evening or nighttime before you head to bed. You can set the foot spas to your own comfort levels but remember that hot is good but scalding hot is bad. Keep your feet in the hot water for ten or fifteen minutes. In addition to being good for your feet, it helps your entire body relax and can at least prevent and sometimes cure tension headaches. Check out Nirvelli Day Spa and learn more about relaxation techniques.

In conclusion, stress headaches aren’t anything that people typically want to deal with. They are caused by anything and everything from something complicated and medical to something simple and obvious. You can try one of the methods listed in this article but if they don’t prove effective you should talk to a doctor.